Agri Investment Forum

May 10-12, 2016

Agri Innovation Forum 2012 - 2015





Thank you for four great years

Agri Innovation Forum 2012 - 2015

Switching Gears: From Innovation to Investment

We are aggressively growing the Agri Investment Forum in Toronto as the only, annual Ag Tech forum in Canada.  The expanded Agri Investment Forum is scheduled for May 10th-12th inclusive.  In merging the two Forums we can ensure one convenient, attractive stop in Canada on everyone’s calendar – in Toronto. 

Our sponsors are supportive of this strategy, and Bioenterprise in particular has stepped up their investment for 2016.  This includes working with us to present a private investor-focused afternoon as a professional development “pre-day”, allowing everyone a chance to network, catch up, and share intelligence.


We’ve also expanded our base network of investors through connections with AgFunder and our existing contacts, and we’re confident that we can deliver plenty of fresh faces.


The focus on a single national conference also prevents us from cannibalizing our delegate base, consolidating everyone in one location with all the key people present. This should also help attract more companies to attend and present.


Join Us in Toronto as we grow the Agri Investment Forum